Training cats for pigeons in 7 steps

white and grey tabby cat

Training cats on the bathroom and toilet

In this article we will show how to train cats to pigeons in 7 Easy Steps. This toilet training process will shape your cat’s behavior and transform it from using the sandbox to using the bathroom and toilet seat in a smooth way.

The first step

Move your cat’s sandbox to a place right next to the toilet. Make sure your cat feels comfortable using this litter box and keep it there for as long as you feel that your cat still needs to get used to the new place.

Pro tip: go slowly. If your cat feels confused, she may find another place in your home where she feels safer to relieve herself there. And it can be difficult to break this bad habit, so give your cat enough time to get used to where the new sandbox is before moving on to the next step.

The second step

Gradually increase the height of the litter box by placing it on top of a piece of wood or other object that increases its height.

Pro tip: secure the sandbox with old notebooks or a pile of newspapers so that it is well fixed and does not move when your cat jumps on it.

The third step

Gradually move the litter box one inch closer to the toilet chair every day until the box is directly above the toilet seat. Continue to remove sand from the box until there is a thin layer of sand no more than an inch deep.

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The fourth step

Replace the litter box with aā€¯training box”.You can either make a box yourself or buy one of the many commercial training devices available.

Here’s how to create a box to train your cat for pigeons

The first method :

Glue a piece of wax paper that completely covers the toilet seat.
Add washable cat sand on top of the wax paper.

The second method :

Lift the lid of the toilet seat and place an aluminum or plastic bowl that is proportional to the seat so that it covers it up to the edges, fix the bowl well, and then add some sand into it.
Pro Tip: Clean the bowl after each use

The fifth step

Place a hole in the wax paper or aluminum bowl about one inch in the center and gradually increase the size of the hole until the lid almost disappears from the chair. While you are reducing the size of the lid, also reduce the amount of sand so that the droppings fall into the toilet and do not remain stuck in the paper or bowl.

The sixth step

Wash the toilet thoroughly after each use by your cat.

Pro Tip: Don’t teach your cat to flush the toilet by pressing the water switch. Although cats are able to learn this command, sometimes they enjoy it a lot and repeat it which leads to a lot of waste of water.

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