The most expensive types of cats in the world 6 breeds with photos

Siamese cat

People generally do not think that cats are expensive animals. When a person thinks about more expensive pets, his mind tends to visualize horses, some exotic animals or types of purebred dogs of certain breeds. Whereas if you wanted to get a cat, you would probably spend 100 dollars or less to add it to your family. And in other cases you can adopt it for free.

But in fact not all cats are cheap, the prices of some cats reach incredible levels, some even really exceed the price of an equipped apartment, here are the most expensive types of cats in the world for 2022 in descending order from the most expensive towards the least:

The most expensive types of pet cats in the world

1. Cat Ashira $125,000
2. Savannah cat $50,000
3. Bengal Cat 2 25,000
4. Khao Mani cat $11,000
5. Pharaonic Cat 9 9,800
6. Persian cat $5,500

6. American Shorthair cat 1 1,200

1. Cat Ashira $125,000

Ashira cat, the most expensive cat species in the world
Weight 12 to 14 kilograms
Life span 25 years
Native America
Price $125,000
English name Ashera Cat
They are more than expensive, Ashira cats are a bit strange to be pet cats as they look more like wild cats than domestic cats, and you can imagine their outrageous price, which reaches 125,000 dollars. Yes, this amount is in US dollars, not in yen! The Ashira cat is a cross between wild and domestic cats. He entered into the development of this cat Asiatic cheetah and African serval Tiger.

Ashira looks exactly like what she is; a combination of a wild cheetah and domestic domestic cats. This breed is characterized by a dog-like temperament instead of the usual feline behavior.

2. Savannah cat $50,000

Spotted Savannah cat
Weight 6 to 12 kg
Life span 20 years
Native America
Price $10,000-$50,000

English name Savannah Cat

Actually and in practice Savannah cats are considered wild cats. These cats are so exotic that they are not recognized in the records of domestic cats. For this reason, the breeding of the Savannah cat has been banned in more than a dozen US states. The price of a Savannah cat ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 dollars.

Although the Savannah cat has been domesticated for more than a hundred years, it does not consume ordinary cat food; these cats eat only raw meat. Savannah cats also do not like strangers and do not use the sandbox like other cats, so raising a Savannah cat is like raising a wild animal.

In the Arab world, the Savannah cat is present in a small way in Saudi Arabia and the UAE as well, as it is owned by some lovers of pets and rare cats.

3. Bengal Cat 2 25,000

Bengal cat
Weight 4 to 10 kg
Life span 12 to 16 years
Origin United States of America
Price $10,000-$25,000
The name in English is Bengal cat
The Bengal cat appeared in the seventies of the last century by mating a short-haired domestic cat with a wild Asian leopard, and in order for a Bengal cat to be completely domesticated and domesticated, it must be at least four generations distant from its first original ancestors.

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Since bengal cats are very close to wild cats, they are banned by the authorities in some regions. For example, owning a Bengal cat is prohibited in the American cities of Hawaii or New York.

The wild qualities of the Bengal cat have made this breed rare and very expensive, as the price of a Bengal reaches 25,000 dollars if it is a pure breed, while prices close to 10,000 dollars are more common as the price of this cat.

4. Khao Mani cat $11,000

White cat Khao mani with different color eyes
Weight 4 to 5 kg
Life span 10 to 12 years
Origin Thailand
Price $10,000-$11,000
English name Khao Manee
You’ve probably never heard of Khao Mani’s cat before, and this is quite intentional. The Thai people have kept these cats and kept them a secret among themselves, although they have been around for hundreds of years.

Khao Mani are natural cats distinguished by their milky white fur and eyes that shine like jewels. Cats “Khao Mani” are mentioned in some written literature dating back to the XIV century.

This breed is also known as “Diamond-eyed cats” in English Diamond Eye Cat because of their distinctive-looking eyes, which are often bright and of different colors.

5. Pharaonic Cat 9 9,800

Pharaonic cat Sphinx
Weight 3 to 6 kg
Life span 8 to 14 years
Origin Canada
Price $1,800-$9,800
English name Sphynx Cat
The Pharaonic cat is considered one of the most easily recognizable domestic cats. His bald and hairless appearance makes him easy to distinguish, this is an addition to his glowing and large eyes.

The baldness characteristic of the Pharaonic cat is caused by a natural genetic mutation and this does not mean that this breed does not have good health. Ironically, the Pharaonic cats are not from Egypt. This breed originated in the city of Toronto, Canada.

Most pharaonic cats are sold for 1,800 to 4,500 dollars. While the price of cats of superior quality and pure-blooded breed or showing rare colors may reach almost 10,000 dollars.

6. Persian cat $5,500

Persian white long-haired cat
Weight 4 to 6 kg
Life span 10 to 17 years
Origin Iran
Price $1,500-$5,500
The name in English is Persian cat
The origin of the Persian cat dates back to Iran, and historical evidence suggests that Persian cats have been around for thousands of years. Playful, with a gentle temperament and behavior, these cats are very popular around the world, this cat has long and luscious hair that gives beauty to its unique appearance.

The Persian has a flat face like a doll and is easily recognizable. He is also fascinated by his large round eyes. Persian cats have also played many roles in many films and advertising programs, and the price of this type of cats reaches about 6,000 dollars depending on the purity and quality of the breed.

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