Pharaonic cat information, photos and breed characteristics

Certainly there were other bald cats before the Pharaonic cat as there was a type of bald cat known in Mexico at the turn of the last century, but these cats had no connection with the modern cat that we know today, according to the American cat breeders association.

The origin of the Pharaonic cat

Pharaonic cats and other hairless cats were bred all over the world where they were married with other cats with normal fur and other bald cats were actually obtained. Devon Rex cats and the American Shorthair cat are among the breeds that played a role in the development of pharaonic cats.

Quick information

Weight 3-6 kg
Length 8-10 inches
Life span 9-15 years
The character is sociable, affectionate, intelligent
Color different colors
The activity level is very high
Compatible with family, kids, dogs
Other names of the Canadian cat, Sphynx
Characteristics of the Pharaonic cat
The Sphinx is not bald, but its skin is covered with a thin layer of hair, very similar to peach skin.
This cat has large ears that can reach two or three inches in height.
The friendly pharaonic cat is easy to deal with and also enjoys meeting new people.
The Pharaonic cat is considered a wonderful domestic cat and will be a pleasant companion for the family
Strong, medium gravity, athletic and muscular.
Because the Sphynx cat does not have fur to absorb body oil, this cat must be bathed frequently.
White pharaonic cat
The character of the Pharaonic cat
People who are breeders of the Pharaonic cat say that living with this cat is significantly different from having an ordinary cat at home.the Pharaonic cat is warm and affectionate, always likes to be close to you, and is also unusually friendly, loves attention and touch.

Little pharaonic cats

These cats adore having company with them, that’s why if you work during the day it’s a good idea to have another cat so that they can play and have fun together while you’re away.

If you have more than one, you may find that they walk around the house or the orchard in pairs or “groups” to get moral support from family members, and you will know that they are comfortable at home when they start venturing and exploring around the house on their own.

Expect this cat to follow you wherever you go. He is always eager to “help” in everything you do. He is also a cat who greets guests, gives head butts, and even jumps on the available shoulder.

If it can be said that cats flirt, then sphinxes definitely do it. He will do anything to get attention, so you will always laugh because of his antics. He is a brave, evil and intelligent cat.

The health of the Pharaonic cat

All cats can develop genetic health problems, just as all people may inherit a certain disease. Any cat breeder or seller who claims that his breed does not have health or genetic problems is either a liar or is not familiar with the breed. For this do not buy from any breeder who does not provide a health guarantee for kittens .

Hereditary myopathy affects muscle function and eventually leads to death when the cat cannot swallow, fortunately, the condition is rare and breeders are working hard to eradicate it from the breed.

A small pharaonic cat

The Sphynx cat can also be susceptible to certain skin diseases, such as pigmented urticaria and cutaneous mastocytosis, as well as periodontal disease. Teach him from a young age to allow you to brush his teeth with vet-approved pet toothpaste for good overall health and fresh breath.

When you bring a Sphynx cat home, make sure to protect it from the most common problems in cats, namely obesity. Although the Sphinx cat has a belly that looks bloated, it should not be fat. Keeping this cat at a proper weight is one of the easiest ways to protect its overall health.

Taking care

If you want the Pharaonic cat because you think that you will not have to spend any time caring for him, you should reconsider, his body secretes mentalities, and with no hair to absorb them, this cat should be bathed monthly or even weekly to prevent clogged pores, not to mention the oily stains that he may leave on furniture or clothes, necessitating intervention to clean them.

Your Pharaoh cat will have tried bathing before you buy it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will like bathing. For this, try to get him to like bathing, train him, and in general he will probably like bathing more than other cats.

Black pharaonic cat

Like all cats, this cat also needs regular nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning, and dental care.

His paws can show a waxy build-up that needs to be cleaned regularly, and it is also necessary to wipe the eyes to rid them of mucus that can accumulate around the eyes.

A waxy build-up is also formed in the ears, which requires regular cleaning with cotton wool and a gentle ear cleaning solution recommended by the veterinarian and do not forget to brush the teeth with a special pet toothpaste for good overall health and fresh breath.

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