Persian cat “Shirazi ” information, photos and characteristics of the breed

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Characteristics of the Persian cat

Affection and tenderness

Activity and energy

The need for care
Health problems
Hair loss
The need for companionship

Friend of strangers

The type of breed is natural
Color different colors
Weight 9 to 14 pounds
Average life is 14 to 15 years
Origin Persia (Iran)
The size is medium to large
The character is passionate ,loyal, calm
Other names of Shirazi cat, perso
Characteristics of a Shirazi cat
The character of the Persian cat
Gray Persian cat
Gray Persian cat
A cute Shirazi cat loves a calm environment and people who treat him kindly. Unlike athletic, action-loving cats like the Siamese, the Shirazi prefers to relax on the sofa rather than climb the bookcase or kitchen shelf.

Just make sure that the children treat this cat with the respect and kindness that he deserves, he always likes to stay away from problems with children. He may greet you with a calm meow, but in most cases he lets his eyes speak for him.

A medium-to large-sized, thick-furred Shirazi cat with a beautiful, attractive appearance and a good muscular build that does not appear at first glance because it is hidden under a dense layer of hair.

Persian cats in ancient times came from Persia, hence the word Persian was derived. There are many different breeds of cats but Persian cats remain at the top of the list for their soft appearance and beautiful innocent face.

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Orange Persian cat
Persian orange-colored cat
Persian cats are very sensitive and need to be in a comfortable environment and require constant care and maintenance, and because they are very sensitive cats, they must be handled with great love.

We often see the Persian cat in white, but this is just one of the colors of the rainbow that this breed comes in, as it includes almost all the color tones seen in domestic cats, the main exception is a bluish-gray color that was very popular in Persian cats during the Victorian era but no longer exists.

And for genetic reasons, we rarely find an orange Persian cat. In the middle of the twentieth century, a genetic mutation gave some Persian cats a flat face, like a bikini dog. And specialists in breeding cats liked this form.

Vetstreet classifies this cat as having high adaptability and affection, but this breed is moderate in terms of its ability to cope with dogs, strangers and children.

Persian cats perform best in quiet places away from noise and high levels of activity, and if you ask for our opinion, the Persian cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world and is classified by cat breeders as the ideal cat at home.

The popularity of the Persian cat

Dark black Persian cat
In 2017, The Cat fanciers Association ranked the Persian cat as the fourth most popular breed in the world .Wikipedia notes that this popularity has decreased slightly in some parts of Europe, but he took fourth place again in 2018.

Famous Persian cats :

The cat Cruikshanks in the Harry Potter film, where the role was played by two Orange Persian cats, Cracker Jack and pumpkin
The cat who represented the television commercials of the fancy company.
The two blue-colored Persian cats owned by Queen Victoria
Tyke, the cat that his owner Jack Kerouac lamented in his 1962 memoir big sky
History of the breed
Some breeders believe that Persian cats were developed in Europe and precisely in Ankara Turkey. But since all this happened approximately in 1500 AD, it is impossible to find out what really happened and genetic testing cannot solve the mystery because Persian cats have been intensively bred for so long that their original DNA markers have disappeared.

This breed took its name from the country where it is believed that it originated, namely Persia or Iran, and exactly from the city of Shirazi, from which this cat took its name. Then Persian cats became popular pets in animal-crazy Victorian Britain and they were seen at the first cat shows in this country.

Shirazi cats have always been bred and taken care of to have a round head, a short face, a dented nose, plump cheeks and a short body, but over time these features have become few.  The traditional Persian cat does not have a short face, but it looks like the other type of breed and both have the same cute and sweet character.

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