Otitis the most famous diseases of domestic cats, its symptoms, causes and treatment

Cats do not often get an ear infection, but when it happens the cause can be complex, and if the veterinarian excludes ear mites as the primary cause in half of all cases of otitis in cats, he has to do some tests to find out why cats have an external or middle ear infection, and otitis in cats can be due to allergies, tumors, or maybe something settled in the ear canal, and cats should get proper treatment as soon as they notice signs of discomfort in the cat’s ear, as otitis can become chronic and lead to deafness and facial paralysis, and we will discuss in our article the symptoms and causes of treatment and treatment of otitis in cats, with how to prevent Infection.


Symptoms of otitis in cats

Otitis in cats causes pain discomfort and sensitivity, many cats shake their heads and scratch their ears in an attempt to remove dirt and fluid from the ear canal, the ears often become red, inflamed and may emit an unpleasant odor, black, brown or yellow discharge is usually observed, ear mites can cause several signs, including black discharge, scratching and shaking of the head, however, ear mite infection generally occurs in domestic cats and outdoor cats, and ear mites in adult cats occur frequently after an infected cat with ear mites is introduced into the House.


Sometimes, ear mites in cats will create an environment inside the ear canal that promotes the development of secondary infection with bacteria or yeast, and by the time the cats are presented to the vet, the mites may be gone, but there is still a serious ear infection, symptoms of otitis in cats include shaking the head or scratching in the ears, if the middle ear is affected, you may see neurological signs such as facial paralysis, and this is caused by a deep inflammation that occurs inside the ear that affects the nerves in that area.

The most common causes of otitis in cats

If you really want treatment for otitis in cats, you may need to find out the cause of the infection, which is usually due to an underlying problem, these are the common causes of otitis in cats:

* Allergies, which come from dust and the surrounding environment, or that cats can also suffer from food allergies and both can cause inflammation in the ear canal that allows bacteria and fungi to multiply.

* Ear mites, which are those small creatures that are contagious and cause severe itching and irritation, easily spread from cat to cat.

* Benign tumors that affect the ear of your cats, this tumor is actually an inflammatory growth that has developed in the middle ear, it is not known what is the real reason for its occurrence but it can become large enough to fill the ear and reach the outer ear or into the pharynx.

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