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adult black and white Husky

Husky personality

Brown husky dog
Huskies are plush dogs belonging to the group of working dogs led by the golden retriever, because of its heredity this breed needs an owner who will be the clear leader for it.

This makes training easier because you will find that your dog respects you and appreciates your presence, but don’t be surprised if this dog tests your position in the game and tries to challenge and dominate from time to time.

If this happens it is important not to give in to the command. Establish yourself as a leader – not by cursing or hitting-but by confirming the Basic Rules for your dog and repeating them clearly and consistently.

This high – energy strain can be destructive inside or outside the home-especially when bored or not exercising enough.

They will destroy a house if they are left alone and bored, they will dig both flower gardens and courtyards, but they can be trained to dig in a certain place in the yard far away on the House.

However, this breed is very charming by its destructive and playful nature. They are quite sociable dogs and love to show off their talents.

Small white husky dogs

The Siberian husky does not bark-that’s the good news, here’s the bad: it’s a dog that enjoys Howling, which can be very worrying for your neighbors unless you find a good and experienced trainer the Husky will not be a suitable pet for those who live in apartments.

Another caveat: although Huskies are friendly and kind, they are considered poor guard dogs.

The temperament of these dogs does not come out of the blue, but is influenced by a number of factors, including heredity, training and socialization. Among the puppies we find the one with a gentle temperament, curious, playful, ready to approach people and play with them.

Choose a moderately temperamental puppy between fun and grandfather, not the one who fights with his brothers or who hides in a corner and does not approach anyone.

Always meet at least one of the parents-usually the mother is available – to make sure that they have a pleasant mood that suits you. Interviewing the puppy’s parents and other relatives of the parents is also useful in assessing the shape and character of the puppy when he grows up.

Like every dog, the Husky needs early detection from a young age of different environments of people, sights, sounds and experiences. Such socialization helps to ensure that husky puppies grow up to become good puppies.

As for ferocity, the Husky is not as fierce by nature as some other breeds. He tends to be more friendly. This is one of the things that makes Husky ineligible for guard duties, but the training he will receive from a young age can determine whether he will be fierce or not.

A large husky dog

Enrolling a little husky dog in a puppy training school is a great start. Regularly introducing people to him, taking him to crowded parks, shops that let dogs in, and on fun outings to meet neighbors will also help him hone his social skills.

Quick information

The group are working dogs
Color different colors
The power level is very high
Siberian origin (Russia)
Other names chukcha dog, Russian dog
Characteristics of husky dogs
Dog length
Length :

20 – 23.5 inches

Dog weight

Weight :

16-28 kilograms

Extend the dog’s life
Life and career :

12 – 15 years old

White husky dog

Summaries and information about the husky dog:

It is not recommended to raise this dog in an apartment, but we find some of these dogs do well in apartments if they are properly trained from a young age.
Husky is described as an escape artist and is known to disappear if he goes out alone to wander, he can jump over fences, escape from chains, find a way to escape.
The Husky can be destructive, this dog enjoys digging and will dig yards and flower gardens. But if you give him a place to dig in the yard, your dog will be happier and so will you.
These are dogs that enjoy howling, but they rarely bark and they won’t alert you if a thief enters your property, this makes them unsuitable guard dogs.
Huskies are very curious and they can get injured or lost while exploring something new or to satisfy their curiosity.
Do not go out with a husky without a collar, he may run away from you or chase other small animals.
This dog is an excellent choice, suitable for adventure enthusiasts and lovers of skiing in the snow.
Husky breeding
Huskies captured the imagination of the masses, as well as artists, writers and film producers with their striking appearance and amazing talents. This medium-sized dog has strength, athletic activity, as well as the ability to work with dedication.

This breed was first developed and bred as sled dogs and some still breed this breed for this trait – they are wonderful dogs and their learning ability is amazing.

Husky dog Malmuth

Many have fallen in love with the wild nature of the husky, but they are completely unaware that breeding this breed is not suitable for everyone.

The beauty of this dog often pushes people to buy it and the desire to breed it without realizing the difficult features of this dog, which makes many huskies prone to homelessness or living in shelters if they are lucky.

The growing popularity of the breed led to the multiplication of random breeders wishing to profit from the sale of this breed, they made these dogs breed incorrectly.

This has a negative impact on the breed in general, and it has also led to the emergence of cons that have become common in these dogs, which are difficult to breed for sale unless the breeder is a professional and competent in the breed.

Also, incorrect breeding and breeding also produced some abnormal qualities in this dog, so if you want to buy, go to a professional breeder who knows the importance of ensuring healthy reproduction and purity of the breed.

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