Are you capable of raising cats

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It is very important to think about whether bringing a new cat into your life will be something wonderful for both of you, and this cat will really find its way into your heart or not

There are too many animals that you like to raise at first and then start neglecting or abandoning them over time because you decide – too late – that caring for pets is more responsible than she expected .

The fact is, raising cats is a big step – it is a step that will affect your lifestyle for many years, have you thought about how you will be fully responsible for this pet cat and will be responsible for his life, have you thought about what will happen if you decide to move or travel, for example, if you decide to change your lifestyle and personality for the sake of a pet, then know that you will be the best dog or cat owner ever .

Are you capable of raising cats

And it’s good to think about what will happen in your private life over the next 15-20 years, as cats with good care, can live from 12 to 15 years, so it’s important to consider what is likely to happen in your private life over the next 15-20 years-before deciding to breed cats, you should consider all the following possibilities :

* Major changes that may happen to you during your life while raising cats such as: marriage, children, a new job, traveling far away, and are you really willing to continue spending time, effort, and money to care for and raise your cats when you take on new responsibilities like that, this is a very important question .

* What will you do if your husband, wife or child suffers from allergies or can not stay together with your pet cat .

* If you are getting a pet cat for your children now, are you ready to take on the responsibility of caring for this pet when your children grow up Because over time, they will lose interest or move away from it, and then you should be in charge .

Are you capable of raising cats

If you can answer these questions positively, then you are ready for this step, cats are considered wonderful company, although many cats are less emotionally than dogs, and require a lot of attention, time and money, and most importantly of all this is a lifelong commitment, are you ready to raise a cat in your home for a long time provided proper care, and before you decide your last :

Why do you want to breed cats

A lot of people like raising cats in their homes for many reasons : they want to do some good, and some of them don’t think and just bring them, and this is already considered a bad act against the animal and the owner, let’s take a look at the most important of these reasons :

Companionship: cats are not like dogs, but they are still very social creatures, cats bring a lot of love to the house, and there are few people who like to read a good book while the cat sleeps on his lap, the cat serves as a good companion for its owner .

Health: life with pets, whether dogs or cats, is good for you, it lowers blood pressure, encourages activity, and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, because you will play with him or walk him .

Motivation: sometimes there comes a thoughtless decision about owning a pet, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are able to take this animal at the time, but otherwise, avoid taking any pet impromptu or without prior arrangements, many times, those cute faces end up in a pet store, and are unfortunately abandoned as soon as the kitten enters, where the kitten is more important to the pet store owner .

Children : if children are the main reason that will make you get a cat, do not and please postpone then and reconsider, although teaching your children to take care of a pet is good, but you will find that your children will only do the primary care and they will get bored of the cat soon and you will be responsible after them for this cat .

Easier than a dog: many people think that caring for a cat is easier or less than caring for a dog, and in general, this is true, however, cats need more attention and work, but some people still think that cats only need to eat regularly, and this is of course not true, cats need to see the vet every not so long, for example every 6 months, do not say that the cat will be fine on its own if you leave it for a few days, especially if you leave it and go away, in most cases the cat panics very much .

Are you ready to live with a cat

If the answer is yes, then a number of obligations will be made if you want a cat in your home , among them :

Money: there is a good rule about experience, which is when thinking about adding any pet to the family is: you need to think about how much this animal costs, and if you find yourself unable to take care of it financially, do not bring it home, cats need regular veterinary care, at least taking vaccines and anti-worms, bringing a cat mattress for the cat’s removal process, cleaning products, tools that prevent the cat from scratching, a carrier box for the cat, and a suitable bed .

Time and attention: the idea that cats like to live alone is a myth by all standards, as pet cats need special attention from you and play with them all the time, unlike many animals, cats can adjust their schedules day or night to suit you, which makes it easy to give them attention even if you have a busy working day, you can allocate an hour a day to play with them or cuddle them .

Space: a pet cat does not need a lot of space to be healthy, the cat’s activity is carried out indoors only with exercise or playing in small apartments .

Proper care: there are many pet cats that do not visit the vet and remain with their owners without any veterinary care, and this is a big mistake, these cats mostly tend to die in their youth and are dehydrated often, and they get many diseases that may be easy or difficult to treat, you should make the necessary arrangements to care for your pets .

By the way, you should be aware of some scary things about toxoplasmosis or the so-called gestosis that affects cats, and the most susceptible cats to this disease are those who eat undercooked meat, but do not panic because you can simply avoid this disease by wearing rubber gloves when changing the cat’s litter box, and be sure to change the litter box at least once a day (twice is better), and everything will be fine .

Are you ready to be a responsible owner of cats

You should know one important thing, which is that the cat will be yours for life and you only have full responsibility for him, and in order to be a responsible cat owner you will need to ensure the following :

– The cat should have regular veterinary examinations and take vaccinations on time.

– It should protect the cat from fleas, worms and ticks .

– You must make sure that your cat stays in a safe environment, and does not pose a danger to any other types of animals .

– You should also be sure that you will give a lot of love and companionship to the cat, as well as give him a healthy and nutritious diet .

Being a responsible cat owner, you must make sure that the cat is happy and healthy and gets the love and treatment that he deserves as one of the family members .

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