American pitbull terrier information, photos and breed characteristics

History of the breed

The roots of the modern American pitbull terrier go back to England in the early nineteenth century where breeders mated Bulldogs with other dog species in order to create a brave, energetic, kind, athletic dog breed with owners.

Pitbull puppies are small puppies

Pitbull terriers then became multipurpose working dogs like Golden Terriers, they drive livestock, and go hunting, protect property, and perform other duties. In addition, they were obedient companions of the family.

Pit bulls have also unfortunately been used in some bloody and inhumane sports, such as bullfighting and fighting with other dogs, which is the main reason why this dog is still unfairly portrayed as aggressive and has also made it banned in some regions of the world.

This breed arrived in the USA in the middle of the XIX century where it was further bred. In 1898, the United Kennel Club was formed, which is interested in dog breeds, with the American Pitbull as the first breed registered in this club, in other words, The Pitbull is considered the founder of this club as the first dog entered in its register.

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Throughout the twentieth century and to this day, pitbull terriers have played many roles in society. Besides being companion dogs for humans, they can also provide excellent service as therapy and ambulance dogs, police or military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and more.

A brown pitbull-type dog

To this day, the pitbull dog has not been registered with the American AKC club, which registers purebred dog breeds in the world, as this club has not yet recognized the breed, unlike its British neighbor UKC, whose first dog to enter its register was the Pitbull, as mentioned earlier.

Taking care

A pit bull dog needs enough physical activity every day to help prevent unwanted behaviors and reactions from forming.

Proper training and socialization are also essential to make your dog well-mannered and intelligent, as the breed is often wrongly portrayed as having bad manners and being unruly. Fortunately hygiene and bathing are a fairly easy task for this type of dog.

Sports exercises

Because it is an athletic breed par excellence, exercise is very important. You should provide your pitbull dog with at least an hour of physical activity a day, such as brisk walking, jogging and long walks, to play fetch games with him, such as throwing a plate or a ball, and he will fetch it.

Pitbull dog trains to bring the ball

Sport poses good mental and physical challenges for a pit bull dog. Without a proper outlet for all this energy in order for it to be discharged, a pitbull may become destructive or hyperactive or may develop other behavioral problems. Moreover, these dogs often like to chew and have a strong jaw, so be sure to provide them with durable chewing toys.

Hygiene and grooming

The Pitbull has a short, smooth fur, which makes it easy to care for and does not require much hygiene. Use the brush once a week to remove loose hair and distribute the skin oils secreted by it.

You may notice an increase in hair loss in spring and autumn with weather changes. In this case, additional combing every week can help to keep up with the shedding fur.

Pitbull puppy bathes

Look at your dog’s ears at least weekly for any wax buildup, stuck debris, redness, or other abnormalities. Also try to brush your dog’s teeth daily, this helps to get rid of gum problems and dental diseases.

Pitbull dog training

As with any breed of dog, proper training and socialization is a must for any pitbull terrier. Start training with your dog as early as possible, the younger the age, the more training will be easier.

There is too much pressure on the pitbull to behave well in order to help erase the negative image taken of him. Dog training professionals in the USA recommend that the pit bull complete the “good dog certificate” to learn how to be calm and polite in a variety of situations.

This certificate is given by recognized dog training institutions in America after the dog has passed an internship at one of these institutions.

Pitbull terriers are an intelligent breed and can be trained, as it is a dog that responds well to positive training methods. But he can be stubborn if you are not an officer of your orders and manner, or you put too much pressure on him.

It is also important to expose your dogs to a different set of people and situations in a positive way to teach them to feel comfortable and confident.

American black pitbull terrier

Some pit bulls can learn to coexist peacefully with other domestic pets, but socialization can sometimes be difficult due to the strong predatory motives of this breed and its history in dog fighting rinks.

Always walk your dog with a leash tied around his neck, supervise him with other dogs. A pit bull dog may not start a fight, but it often doesn’t back down once another dog challenges it.

Health of pitbull terriers

The pitbull terrier is generally considered healthy, but as with all dog breeds, it is prone to certain health conditions. Not all pit bull dogs will get any or all of these diseases, but it is important to be aware of them if you are considering this breed.

Dogs that will be bred should have an X-ray of the hips at the age of two to make sure that they do not have this condition.

Hypothyroidism: it is a malfunction of the thyroid gland that causes weight gain, hair loss, reproductive problems and other dysfunctions. It usually appears in middle-aged dogs and can be controlled with daily medication that must be continued throughout the dog’s life.

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