Can I Take Iron & Magnesium at the Same Time?

Both iron and metallic element ar thought-about essential minerals and ar counseled for a diet. in keeping with a study printed in a very 1994 issue of “Magnesium analysis,” iron and metallic element typically ought to be taken at the same time for max tolerance and compliance. For best results, discuss with your doctor concerning the best dose and sources of iron and metallic element for your condition.


In order to provide red blood cells, the body needs an exact quantity of dietary iron. haemoprotein and haemoprotein ar 2 of the essential proteins created by iron that carry and store atomic number 8 within the body. Iron supplements ar typically taken by people WHO ar full of anemia, associate degree iron deficiency which will be caused by blood loss, poor diet, assimilation, burns, hurt issues, dialysis, enteric malady, abdomen issues and alternative conditions. though deficient iron is taken into account unhealthy, an excessive amount of iron are often cytotoxic to the body and might lead to iron poisoning.


According to the University of Maryland heart, metallic element is needed by each organ and bone within the body. additionally to activating organic process enzymes, metallic element regulates the degree of bound minerals, as well as Ca, copper, zinc, metal and cholecarciferol. Like iron, metallic element are often found in several foods, though supplements are often taken to stop or treat conditions like sleep disorders, nausea, vomiting, respiration, insomnia, seizures, low pressure, abnormal heart rhythms and restless leg syndrome.


Iron and metallic element supplements ought to be taken at an equivalent time for max impact. Since several foods contain quantities of each minerals, your system unremarkably digests them at the same time. in keeping with a study printed in a very 2009 issue of the “Clinical Journal Of The yankee Society of medicine,” a combined supplement of iron and metallic element is employed to treat hyperphosphatemia in patients full of dialysis. once taking supplements, try and keep your intake to the ten to fifteen milligrams of iron and 310 to four hundred milligrams of metallic element counseled for many adults.

Safety issues

Talk to your doctor before intense iron or metallic element supplements if you’re taking medications. metallic element alone will act with a large type of medications, as well as aminoglycosides, antibiotics, Ca channel blockers, polygenic disorder medications, endocrine replacement therapies, digoxin, diuretics, fluoroquinones, labetol and levomethadyl.

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